Tooth Anatomy

What do you actually understand about your teeth beyond the fact that they help you grind up food to digest? Of course, tearing and chewing is their main function and for this they need to be incredibly strong. The pressure exerted is between 30-50 pounds of force for the front incisors to cut and tear,… Read more »

Important Tips About Oral Emergencies

Do you have any prevention plans in place if you should suffer from an oral emergency? An oral emergency, often known as dental emergencies, can arise at any time. Typically, any damage done due to an oral accident or injury requires a visit to your dentist or to the emergency room. However, it is important… Read more »

Making Root Canal Treatment Stick

If you’ve ever received a filling, you know how aggravating a cavity can be. With the support of root canal fillings, your pain can be soothed. Fortunately, that relief can be permanent with attentive treatment: a filling can last for a very long time when you practice good oral hygiene habits. Here are some bits… Read more »

DRY MOUTH: Medications

Although xerostomia is unfortunately an incurable condition, suitable maintenance can make it an easier one. By making some small alterations to your diet, practicing great dental hygiene habits and taking the guidance of Drs. , you can manage dry mouth. Here are some things you should have heard of about it. There are a couple… Read more »

Serious Dental Trauma Might Require First-Aid

Dental trauma comes in several different forms. Most cases are related to an accidental blow to the face or the introduction of a foreign object into the mouth. The severity of the damage to your teeth and any surrounding periodontal tissues will influence the need for professional treatment while applying some basic first-aid. If you… Read more »

The Cool Oral Hygiene Tools that Can Help You Clean Your Smile

Sometimes oral hygiene can get pretty boring. This is because we routinely brush, floss, and rinse each day and don’t think much about it. This can be quite unfortunate. Oral hygiene should be fun! Luckily, there are cool oral hygiene tools that can help make oral hygiene a little more exciting. Our dentist, Dr. ,… Read more »

What is Anemia Tongue?

What in the world is anemia tongue? Well, let’s talk about anemia first. You’ve likely at least heard this word thrown around. Anemia is a condition that occurs when your blood lacks enough healthy red blood cells or hemoglobin, the part of the blood cell that binds oxygen. This causes fatigue, headaches and other symptoms…. Read more »

Professional Measures Are Often Needed to Fully Remove Tobacco Stains from Teeth

Even occasional tobacco use can cause minor dental stains to quickly build up the faces of the teeth that appear in your smile. Frequent tobacco use, or frequently consuming dark beverages can also compound the appearance of dental stains to turn your smile an unsightly shade of yellow, tan, or gray. At first you might… Read more »

A Chipped Tooth Needs to Be Repaired to Prevent a More Severe Dental Fracture

There are many different things that can chip a tooth. When this happens, the compromised dental integrity can leave it at increased risk of suffering a severe dental fracture. To prevent this from happening, Dr. might be able to repair the fractured tooth with a silver amalgam dental filling. This type of dental material is… Read more »

The Facts of Oral Hygiene: Dental Fillings

When the tooth enamel that rests on the outer layer is injured or eaten away, a hole forms, which is called a cavity. If a cavity digs into the canal of a tooth, the pulp will be at risk for infection, which can lead to tooth loss. To prevent further damage to a tooth, dental… Read more »