How to Clean Your Smile With a Water Flosser

If you tend to get confused and overwhelmed when using a water flosser, our team is more than happy to give you the instructions you need to be successful! Water flossers in , , can be extremely convenient and easy to use once you get the hang of it. Then, once you use this tool… Read more »

What to Expect When Fixing Your Smile With a Dental Crown

If you’re about to correct your smile with a dental crown in , , our team is more than happy to tell you what to expect with your treatment. That way, you will feel more relaxed, safe, and comfortable in the dental chair. When you’re at our office, you can expect the following steps: -Step… Read more »

What Do I Do If I’ve Chipped a Tooth?

If you’ve recently chipped a tooth, the most important thing you can do is stay calm. Panicking won’t help the situation one bit. It’s also important to try and improve the situation as much as possible, and if you’re not exactly sure how to do so, our team is more than happy to help you…. Read more »

The Dental Veneer Placement Process: What to Expect

If you’re planning on beautifying your smile with dental veneers, you’ll have your perfect results in no time! The process involved in placing the product is simple and easy. In fact, it only involves the following three steps: Step No. 1: Diagnosis and treatment planning When you come into our office, tell your dentist about… Read more »

Oral Hygiene: The Way to Keeping Your Smile in Tip-Top Shape

Are you interested in knowing the details of oral hygiene? If so, our team is more than happy to help you! Oral hygiene in , , is vital if you want to keep your smile in tip-top shape; however, the only way to achieve that goal is to have the proper and effective techniques associated… Read more »

Including Your New Dentures in Your Daily Oral Hygiene Routine

Your new set of dentures fitted by are designed to custom fit the void created by multiple lost teeth. This effectively restores the function and appearance of those teeth Including it and your remaining natural teeth in your oral hygiene routine, will help insure that it will serve you for many years to come. A… Read more »

Using a Dental Implant to Replace a Missing Tooth

Over the course of the last two decades, dental implants have become a safe and effective way to replace a tooth that was lost due to advanced tooth decay, severe fracture or otherwise required extraction. The initial consultation, your dentist will examine your mouth and take some X-rays. This will give a clear understanding of… Read more »

Spring Cleaning for Your Smile

As spring approaches, your spring-cleaning tasks are on your mind. This is the perfect time to not only deeply clean your house, but to also work toward a clean and healthy smile. To help you spring clean your smile and improve your oral health, team recommends doing the following four things while you complete your… Read more »

Treatments for Sensitive Teeth

Are your teeth sensitive to hot or cold temperatures? If so, you may be a victim of tooth sensitivity, and we are happy to help you! Your sensitivity can be easily treated, but the treatment solely depends on what is causing the problem. Some causes include tooth decay, fractured teeth, worn fillings, gum disease, worn… Read more »

3 Tips That Will Keep Pediatric Dental Problems at Bay

If you are a parent who wishes that your child could have a strong and healthy smile by keeping dental problems away, we are happy to help you! There are three specific things you can do to help your child, and those three things are: Begin an oral hygiene routine early Clean your child’s gums… Read more »