What Are Dental Veneers? Find Out Here!

Have you ever wondered how to get the perfect smile you always dreamed of? If so, you are not alone. Over the years cosmetic dentistry has evolved and became a popular way to get the perfect smile you always wanted by turning to dental veneers. Dental veneers are small, thin, tooth-colored shells that bond to… Read more »

Cynthia Becker Restoring One of Your Missing Teeth with a Bridge

Advanced tooth decay can sometimes cause significant damage to a tooth, which simply cannot be saved by a conventional root canal. In these cases, the tooth might simply need to be extracted. Once your gums have healed, Dr. Becker can restore the lost tooth by mounting a bridge. A bridge is essentially an artificial tooth,… Read more »

Gum Disease: How to Recognize the Signs

Our team wants you to have the best oral health possible, which is why we encourage you to make it a goal to prevent and fight gum disease each day. Gum disease in , , is a dangerous dental issue that can result in lost teeth if you leave it untreated. It is best to… Read more »

Tooth Decay: How to Reduce Your Chances of Having Cavities

As you may already know, tooth decay is a serious and dangerous dental issue that needs to be prevented at all costs. However, that might be a difficult goal to accomplish if you’re not exactly sure how to do so. So, to help you, our team recommends reducing your chances of having tooth decay in… Read more »

Cynthia Becker Restoring a Severely Decayed Tooth with a Crown

Restorative dentistry is most commonly defined as the prevention and treatment of diseases of the teeth in order to restore or bring them back to their best and healthiest state. This includes restoring damaged, decayed, or lost teeth with a variety of different forms of dental work. One of the more common procedures is to… Read more »

The Tips to Solving a Soft-Tissue Injury

Soft-tissue injuries in , , can involve the lips, gums, cheeks, and tongue. If you are currently suffering from a soft-tissue injury, our team has some tips for you that will help you begin restoring your oral health! First, please stay calm. Panicking won’t help you one bit. Second, when you’re ready, please do the… Read more »

Dental Implants: What to Expect When You Restore Your Smile

If you are about to restore your smile with dental implants in , , our team wants to help you prepare by telling you what you can expect during your treatment. The dental implant treatment requires three different phases, and those phases are: Phase 1 First, your dentist will place a small titanium post into… Read more »

How to Clean Your Smile With a Water Flosser

If you tend to get confused and overwhelmed when using a water flosser, our team is more than happy to give you the instructions you need to be successful! Water flossers in , , can be extremely convenient and easy to use once you get the hang of it. Then, once you use this tool… Read more »

What to Expect When Fixing Your Smile With a Dental Crown

If you’re about to correct your smile with a dental crown in , , our team is more than happy to tell you what to expect with your treatment. That way, you will feel more relaxed, safe, and comfortable in the dental chair. When you’re at our office, you can expect the following steps: -Step… Read more »

What Do I Do If I’ve Chipped a Tooth?

If you’ve recently chipped a tooth, the most important thing you can do is stay calm. Panicking won’t help the situation one bit. It’s also important to try and improve the situation as much as possible, and if you’re not exactly sure how to do so, our team is more than happy to help you…. Read more »