Our friendly dentist, Dr. Cynthia Becker, and team strongly recommend coming into My Dental Care Family Dentistry every six months for a dental exam and dental cleaning in Fishers, Indiana.

During this appointment, our team will scrape the surfaces of your teeth to remove the plaque that resides there. This is a great way to eliminate the risks associated with gingivitis and periodontal disease. We will then scrub, wash, rinse, floss and polish your teeth. This technique is one that will deeply clean your teeth and gums, including the areas in your mouth that are hard to reach. To finish the cleaning, we will give you a flavored fluoride treatment that will be in the form of a gel, varnish or foam. When we place the fluoride into your mouth, we will ask you to wait for a short amount of time. As the time passes, the fluoride minerals will soak into your teeth and strengthen them so they are able to fight harmful substances.

Your dental exam will then involve your dentist coming into the room and checking your medical records. Then, she will use special tools to visually evaluate your entire mouth. To examine closer into your mouth, digital dental X-rays will be taken, which are detailed images that show your teeth, roots and underlying bone. If you have any dental issues, they will be treated as soon as possible.

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