Although there are many advances in dental care, there is a still a possibility of losing a tooth. If you have lost a permanent tooth, Dr. Cynthia Becker is thrilled to help you by offering dental implants in Fishers, Indiana!

Dental implants are fixed products that provide everlasting results. Dental Implants are the closest thing to natural teeth. They replace your tooth and its root and give you the functionality you need for your smile. They are also capable of improving many characteristics of yourself and your smile, including your speech, oral health, comfort, appearance and self-esteem. Dental implants are beneficial products that give you the foundation and reliability that you need after you have lost your tooth.

However, the process involved in placing the implants does require some time to complete. If you are patient and you are willing to go through the dental implant treatment, we are happy to improve your life with dental implants! The process will involve our implant dentist and team placing the implant post, attaching a connector post, sending tooth impressions to the lab and placing the replacement tooth over the connector post.

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