Our team at My Dental Care Family Dentistry does our best to prevent, diagnose and treat gingivitis and periodontal disease to improve and maintain the health of your gums and teeth. In order to do so, we are thrilled to treat gingivitis in Fishers, Indiana!

Gingivitis is a health condition that advances into periodontal disease if left untreated. This disease occurs when the plaque that resides on your teeth never gets removed. When this happens, the plaque gives you constant bad breath and irritates your gums enough to make them bleed every time you brush your teeth or eat. If the plaque continues to live on your teeth, it starts to irritate your gums so much that the gums move away from the teeth, which exposes the roots and makes your teeth look longer than natural. Eventually, the plaque releases toxins into the gums and underlying bone. The toxins then begin to deteriorate the bone, which results in loose and lost teeth.

If you wish to prevent this disease, we strongly recommend attending your regular dental cleanings to allow Dr. Cynthia Becker to remove the plaque from your mouth. If the disease begins to develop, our dentist and team have a technique called scaling and root planing that will thoroughly clean your entire smile while you are under a local anesthetic. If the disease is too severe for this treatment, we also provide periodontal surgery. In order to maintain the health of your mouth after treatment, we generally recommend coming into our office four times a year for checkups.

For more information on periodontal treatments, give us a call at 317-849-0999.

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