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Dental phobia is a common reason for skipping out on a dental exam. Fears and anxieties can be created in childhood from a traumatic experience or be a side effect of life issues. Some fears are compounded by dentistry, like claustrophobia or social anxiety and there is nothing worse than tooth pain. Let’s face it, the sounds and smells of the dentist’s office do not promote a relaxed atmosphere. Many dentists understand phobias and have sedation therapy to treat the pain and anxiety associated with a trip to the dentist.

My Dental Care takes relaxation a step further by creating a spa like atmosphere in the office. Every patient receives relaxation treatment during their visit. Comfort is available to every patient, not just those undergoing major dental treatments.

Relaxation techniques
Nature Preserve – Each operatory window opens on to a pristine view of preserved woods and bird sanctuary outside. Bird feeders are placed at each window allowing each patient to see natural activity among birds and other small animals amidst the trees and grounds below.

Paraffin Dip – Relax with a soothing massage therapy created by dipping your hands into melted paraffin to increase blood supply to the treated area. Moisture is sealed by layers of paraffin wax for 10-15 minutes. During this time, the covered skin is nourished with moisture to promote soft moist skin after treatment.

Blankets – Emotional discomfort creates unpleasant temperature levels for some patients. Our office provides blankets to help warm and relax the body. Cooler body temperatures promote tension that will only add to discomfort levels. My Dental Care wants to help patients relax regardless of the cause.

Movies -There are 23 inch panel screens in every operatory. Guests are able to relax in the chair and watch a movie to distract their minds from dental treatment.

Music – Close your eyes and listen to soothing sounds. There are relaxation techniques to help everyone. It also helps to drown out the sounds of the dental equipment.

Complimentary Lip Balm – Lips stay smooth from applied or natural moisture. Dental procedures require a mouth to stay open for long periods of time without the opportunity to replenish lost moisture. Our patients love the lip balm with spf15 used to replenish and protect their lips after treatment.

Sedation therapy
N2O and Oral Sedatives – Medicinal options are available for those who require pharmaceutical help to achieve a relaxed dentist visit. Nitrous Oxide and oral sedatives are safely administered to relax more severe stress and anxiety conditions attributed to dental phobias.

Individual patient care
Dental treatment plans differ from one patient case to another, as do emotional concerns. When caring for our patients at My Dental Care, each guest received a carefully crafted plan just for them. This ensures our dental family stays healthy and can show off their beautiful smiles! We would be honored to take your call to schedule an appointment so you may find out for yourself what sets our office and care apart from the rest.