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With over 30 years in the dental profession, one would think that a dentist might set their sights on retirement. It is actually a good assumption to make for people in any profession, but not in the case of Cynthia Pistoia, DMD. Her patients will have the opportunity to enjoy many more years of her dental service. My Dental Care is proud to have Dr. Pistoia a part of their energetic team of highly experienced dentists and staff serving the Fishers, IN community.

“My daughter asked when I was going to retire.” My reply “Why would I retire when I am the best dentist I have ever been!” remarked Dr. Pistoia.

Listening to Dr. Pistoia speak about dentistry is comparable to talking to an energetic graduate setting up their first practice. Her philosophy towards dentistry runs much deeper than an aesthetic smile. While the aesthetics of a patient’s smile is important, Dr. Pistoia takes the time to evaluate the state of each patient’s oral health, as well as overall health concerns that can be derived from a routine dental exam.

In her dedication to provide patients the highest dental care possible, her passion for dentistry can be summed up in three parts – Listening, Educating and Caring.

Find a General Dentist who listens.

Dental treatment plans are created to treat specific needs of a patient’s oral health. A large part of this plan encompasses the information gathered during a dental exam. Dr. Pistoia uses high tech equipment to gather important information, but she doesn’t forget to listen to the patient’s concerns. It is important to hear the patient out and pay close attention to detail as oral health troubles can also signal signs of additional physical concerns such as oral cancer, diabetes or kidney disease. Symptoms caught in the early stages and treated right away make a big impact on long-term overall health. Dr. Pistoia encourages dialogue because she genuinely cares about each patient and views the mouth as one part of the whole body.

Dr. Pistoia educates herself and her patients.

It’s common knowledge that the road to becoming a dentist requires intense training and education, but it doesn’t stop there. States require dentists to continue their education and Dr. Pistoia exceeds those expectations. As a member of the Academy of General Dentistry, her continued education program is much more extensive. In doing so, Dr. Pistoia is able to keep up with the latest techniques, equipment and oral health treatments to serve her patients more completely.

When it comes to educating her patients, Dr. Pistoia embraces their input as part the dental treatment design. Several options are explored with thorough explanations over the pros and cons for each one. Patients who are able to make the best informed decisions towards their dental health will enjoy the greatest long-term results. My Dental Care offers Casey videos so patients may explore procedures more in-depth. The final treatment plan, based on the patient’s input, will focus on aesthetic and function of teeth and gums.

dr-postoia-blog1“Treating aesthetics and function makes dentistry rewarding for me. Beautiful smiles build confidence and my ability and desire to create excellent solutions that treat function and recreate smiles keeps me excited about what I do every day!” added Dr. Pistoia.

A General Dentist who truly cares about each patient

Dental health will bring different challenges to patients throughout their lives. From normal wear and tear to changes that naturally occur as we age, Dr. Pistoia wants her patients to enjoy all the benefits of a beautiful, healthy and natural looking smile. She utilizes many different preventative measures to maintain oral health. Knowing how important an aesthetics role is to personal and professional lives, she has embraced cosmetic treatments to treat all the needs of her patients. Becoming an Invisalign® Preferred Provider in order to treat the natural changes in teeth alignment is a perfect example of the lengths Dr. Pistoia will go to support patient needs. This alternative orthodontic treatment emphasizes aesthetics with a series of custom created clear aligners used to gently move teeth back into the proper place without metal brackets and uncomfortable wires. The ability to restore a beautiful smile and retain teeth in the ideal position is a dental treatment with a focus on long-term results. Dr. Pistoia wants to help with the oral pain and function, and she cares enough to make each dental treatment plan a long lasting solution.

The best part of Dr. Pistoia’s practice? She is one of a team of three dentists who care for patients in the same manner. My Dental Care’s dental team consists of all highly driven, caring and educated dentists and supporting professionals who work together to create a relaxed atmosphere that is focused on patient care. The community of Fishers, IN is lucky to have a group of professionals so dedicated to their patients.

Call My Dental Care today and schedule an appointment. Your smile will thank you for it in the long run.