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The importance of practicing good dental hygiene is well known. We know you practice brushing and flossing regularly in order to help prevent your teeth from contracting cavities. Sometimes, however, cavities happen anyways despite our best efforts in preventing them. If this happens, you should know that Drs. Becker and Pistoia understand and are here with several options for treatment.

Most cavities can be treated by having a dental filling. During a dental filling, the cavity is cleaned out by our dentists and then filled with a special resin which bonds to your tooth in order to add strength. If the cavity is too large for a filling, other options are available.

Such cases may require you get a partial crown. Partial crowns are also referred to as an inlay or onlay depending on how they are installed. A partial crown is used to repair a cavity and restore strength in cases where the cavity is too large for a filling, and the tooth still retains enough of its natural strength.

If the tooth enamel is too decayed from the cavity you will need a dental crown. This treatment requires the majority of the enamel from the tooth be removed and later replaced with a crown created in a dental lab. The dental crown will ensure you have a healthy tooth, even years later.

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