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Do you have any prevention plans in place if you should suffer from an oral emergency? An oral emergency, often known as dental emergencies, can arise at any time. Typically, any damage done due to an oral accident or injury requires a visit to your dentist or to the emergency room. However, it is important to make sure you care for your mouth beforehand. Clear few different scenarios to prepare for:

Toothaches – If you have any toothaches, it is important to always make sure to rinse out your mouth with warm water. To alleviate symptoms of a toothache, apply a cold compress if your mouth is swollen and avoid putting any kind of painkillers against your gums or teeth.

Chipped or Broken Teeth – If you have any chipped or broken teeth, it may be wise to save the pieces. If there’s any bleeding that has occurred, always make sure to apply gauze to the area for roughly 10 minutes or until the bleeding stops.

Knocked Out Teeth – If you have any teeth that are completely knocked out of your mouth, it may be possible for your dentist to save them. Immediately place the knocked-out tooth in a tooth-saving solution such as products that contain a cell growth medium or in a small container of milk. If you see your dentist within one hour, you have the greatest chance of having the tooth restored back into your mouth.

Objects Between Teeth – Never try to remove objects from between your teeth with sharp instruments or any form of pins that can poke and prod your mouth, as this can lacerate your gums and scratch your tooth enamel. Instead, focus on using a dental floss to help gently remove the large debris.

Lost Dental Filling – If you have lost a dental filling, it is important to cover up the damage left behind, preferably with dental cement.

Lost Dental Crown – If you have lost a dental crown, it is important to cover up the damage left behind with a cotton swab coated in clove oil. It may be possible to temporary slip the crown back over the tooth using dental cement, a denture adhesive, or toothpaste to hold the tooth in place.

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