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It’s May! That simple phrase holds deep meaning for many of us. Hello, I am Dr. Erin Rake. I joined My Dental Care in August of 2018. If you come into the office on a Monday, you will most likely be seen by me. I want to share with you, what May means to me.

May is such an exciting month. It means spring flowers, warmer temperature and it floods me with childhood memories. Growing up my family lived in upstate New York. I recall playing on the swing set in the backyard while my Dad would be working in the yard trimming the bushes and spring cleaning the flower beds. As my Dad worked he would have the radio playing. This was a big day. It was not only a day of yard work, but the day of the big race, The Greatest Spectacle in Racing, The Indianapolis 500.

I would swing back and forth listening to the voices of the announcers and infuriating my Dad with my many questions about the race car drivers and the cars. My Dad would patiently answer my questions and then grow tired of the onslaught and he would tell me to “just listen to the announcers”. I would find myself lost in the descriptions of the cars, explaining the colors and sponsors and the drivers skills. Then Jim Nabors would come on and sing Back Home Again in Indiana. I would get the chills running up my spine. I didn’t even live in Indiana. Had no ties to Indiana, but Jim Nabors singing was moving.

The excitement was starting to build. The moment that I had been waiting for was moments away. I would pretend that I was a race car driver. I had my suit and helmet on sitting in my car waiting for those famous words, “Gentleman, start your engines!” Then the warm up laps around the track and the waving of the green flag. The race was on and I was swaying side to side in my swing passing the much slower cars. I had the fastest car on the oval track. Oh, how I loved the roar of the engines. Hearing the cars zoom, zoom. It was an amazing moment. Of course, at the end of the race, it was me taking the victory lap and pulling into Victory Circle for the traditional chugging of the milk.

Years later when the family moved to Indiana, my Dad took us to our first Indianapolis 500 Race. Everything I had ever fantasized about the race was so wrong. I could not have wrapped my head around the energy of the crowd, the smells of grilling food and auto fuel mixed together, the basking in the sun being reflected off the track and “feeling” the engines roar in your chest as the cars passed. The race was so much better than in my childhood dreams.

I will be attending the race again this year with my family. We arrive early to the track, leave late and year after year, I still get the chills.

What does, it’s May, mean to you?