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If given a choice between going on vacation to a tropical island or keeping an appointment for a dental cleaning, which would you choose? Let’s face it, that’s not a hard choice at all–especially if you have any anxiety about seeing your dentist. As it turns out, that kind of thinking can help you beat your fears during an actual visit.

The majority of Americans polled have some sort of nervousness when it comes to dental visits. The number increases as the dental procedures become more complicated or intense (i.e., shots or surgery). That tells you that many people equate going to the dentist with pain, which is unfortunate.

While modern dentistry has wonderful medications to alleviate pain and anxiety for those people who need them, there are other natural methods that may help as well. Here are some alternative suggestions for those who wish to avoid drugs.

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For example, imagine you are somewhere else–someplace calming like the beach, or sitting by a waterfall.

Concentrating on taking slow deep breaths. Breathing is used alongside various relaxation techniques.

This is not just for stage shows or remembering past life experiences. It is a focused form of relaxation training that can help anxiety.

An ancient Chinese alternative to western medicine that many people of all cultures find helpful. Of course, if you are afraid of needles this might not be the one for you.

Finally, the most common sense method is simply planning ahead and prepping your mind, and the dentist, for the appointment. Book a time and day when you won’t feel rushed or stressed-out. Avoid caffeinated drinks and sugar the day of the event so you won’t become jittery. And let your dentist know that anxiety is a problem for you. Most dentists can help you with that whether you want medication or not.

If you are anxious when seeing dentists, Drs. Cynthia S. Becker & Cynthia A. Pistoia would be pleased to discuss it with you. Please contact My Dental Care to make an appointment at: 317-849-0999, or come by our office in Fishers, Indiana.