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Dental trauma comes in several different forms. Most cases are related to an accidental blow to the face or the introduction of a foreign object into the mouth. The severity of the damage to your teeth and any surrounding periodontal tissues will influence the need for professional treatment while applying some basic first-aid.

If you have debris in your mouth, or your cheek, tongue, or gums is bleeding, you can rinse your mouth clean with a little warm saltwater. If you’re experiencing swelling in any of your soft tissues, you can apply a cold compress, or a bag of frozen vegetables.

If you’re experiencing significant pain from a damaged tooth, you might find modest relief from rubbing some topical oral analgesic on the underlying gums. A standard dose of over the counter anti-inflammatory medication might also be helpful.

This could provide you with enough relief to make your way to Drs. Cynthia S. Becker & Cynthia A. Pistoia’s dental offices. There they can assess the severity of the damage to your teeth and surrounding soft oral structures to develop an effective treatment.

This might call for applying a dental filling, performing a dental crown restoration, or a total dental extraction. If necessary, Drs. Cynthia S. Becker & Cynthia A. Pistoia can suture any lacerated soft tissues to allow them to heal.

If needed, they might also provide you with a prescription for pain medication, to help alleviate your discomfort during the recovery process. If you live in the Fishers, Indiana, area and you have suffered a significant dental trauma, you should call 317-849-0999 to seek emergency care at My Dental Care’s dental office today.