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Dental fractures are often the unfortunate result of a dental accident or oral trauma. While some minor chips and fractures can be caused by mundane sources, like grinding your teeth at night or using your teeth as tools, other sources can be more severe. This is even more likely to be the case if you’ve suffered a blow to the face while playing sports or if you have had an accidental fall.

The severity of the dental fracture will influence the course of treatment recommended by Dr. Cynthia S. Becker & Cynthia A. Pistoia and the specialists at their Fishers, Indiana, clinic.

Large chips and small fractures might be repairable with a simple filling. A more significant fracture might call for a total crown restoration.

If you experience a sharp or persistent pain in the fractured tooth, it most likely means that the damage extends into the pulp or root of the tooth. To treat a tooth in this condition, Dr. Cynthia S. Becker & Cynthia A. Pistoia might need to perform a root canal. This will replace the damaged internal structures of the tooth and form an abutment to later anchor a crown in place.

If the fracture is minor yet located on a tooth in your smile, then Dr. Cynthia S. Becker & Cynthia A. Pistoia might be able to simply cement a dental veneer in place or restore the tooth with a cosmetic porcelain crown.

If you are in the Fishers, Indiana, area and you have suffered a significant dental fracture, you should not delay in calling 317-849-0999 to seek treatment at My Dental Care.