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When a tooth is lost or extracted, it can cause significant changes to the function and appearance of your mouth. Early on you will likely notice a reduced ability to bite and chew food. If the tooth was in the front of your mouth, it might also alter the clarity of your speech and change the appearance of your smile.

As time goes on, the void left by the missing tooth may gradually cause the neighboring teeth to drift out of their correct alignment. This can cause the corresponding teeth in your bite pattern to suffer excess wear and tear.

To prevent these complications while restoring your oral function, and appearance Dr. Cynthia S. Becker & Cynthia A. Pistoia can install a dental bridge at their clinic in Fishers, Indiana. This is a replacement tooth that is bonded with crowns on each end to create a solid piece of dental work. Once it is cemented in place on abutments made from the neighboring teeth, it will completely restore the full function of the affected teeth.

Dr. Cynthia S. Becker & Cynthia A. Pistoia will first need to create a pair of abutments from the neighboring teeth. This is done by removing most of the enamel layer of the teeth, leaving only the healthy dentin, pulp, and roots of the tooth.

A detailed impression of the abutments and any relevant teeth will be created. This will be sent to a professional dental lab to guide the technicians while creating your dental bridge. Dr. Cynthia S. Becker & Cynthia A. Pistoia will then secure a temporary crown over each abutment to protect it.

You will need to come back in for a second appointment when your dental bridge is completed. The temporary crowns will be removed and a special dental adhesive will be used to secure it onto the abutments.

If you live in Fishers, Indiana, and you have suffered tooth loss, you should call 317-849-0999 to explore the restoration options available at My Dental Care.