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FOR MOST PEOPLE, Thanksgiving means gratitude, food, and family. Those are the common threads. But people also have fun, unique, or unusual traditions that surround the holidays.

Our Team Members Share Their Thanksgiving Traditions…

Dr. Becker:

The whole family to Mom’s for Thanksgiving lunch. After, either TV movies, cards or board games. My husband was shocked at the first Thanksgiving with us. WHAT??!! NO FOOTBALL!! This was pre DVR! 🙂
Dr. Pistoia:

Making homemade Gnocchi with the family.

We all go to see a movie after we stuff ourselves! All of the sisters, several brothers-in-laws, and ALL the kids!
PS.YES, we ALL see the same movie! 🙂

I cook and EVERYONE eats!!! Then I take a nap.

After a very yummy Big Feast, All of the men, of course, watch football, while the ladies do a little shopping. That evening myself and all the kids put up all 3 Christmas trees!
Karen C.:

My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is time shared with FAMILY. The good food (we are not allowed to stray from the menu of years past.), fun, and laughs are cherished memories. I LOVE THIS HOLIDAY!!!

Home is in South Bend. We have dinner with “the girls” my Mom Nannies for (for almost 20 years) My Mom and I spend Thanksgiving morning putting together our Black Friday attack plan. Football is a given in both households.

It usually involves too much food, football viewing, friends and family, as well as remembering special times with my Mom.

Thanksgiving day begins with a light breakfast while watching Macy’s Parade and finishing up last minute prep for our feast around lunch time. After we eat TOO MUCH FOOD, we start a game of Guesstures or Pictionary with the whole family, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins etc….before everyone starts to get sleepy. The laughs begin and calories are burned to make room for some pumpkin pie!!

We’d Love To Hear About YOUR Traditions Too!
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BTW, Is Charlie Brown Part Of Your Thanksgiving Memories?

Have A Happy Thanksgiving!

Speaking of gratitude… We’re so grateful for each of you—our valued patients and friends. Because of you, we love working here each day. We’re thankful for our relationships with you, and for the trust you place in us.
We wish you a very happy holiday season!