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IT’S SO GREAT TO GET UP each day, go to work, and be part of something great—a practice that truly cares about our patients. We love helping people maintain great oral health. Most importantly, we value the relationships we build with you—and with other team members.

That’s why we’re so grateful for the person who makes it all possible, Dr. Becker!

Outside the office Dr. Becker enjoys performing Agility Programs with her dogs including music and costumes that thrill audiences. She also teaches agility through 4H. In addition, Dr. Becker’s dogs are trained Therapy Dogs and visit local hospitals weekly to comfort patients and bring a smile.

Why We Love Dr. Becker

As a little surprise to Dr. Becker we wanted to show our appreciation! We asked team members to comment why they love working with our fearless leader!

Dr. Pistoia says, “Her dedication to doing the right treatment for patients.”

Dr. Mundy says “She is the most kind hearted person I know!”

Beth says “After working together for 21+ years the list is long, but I will limit it to the top 3. First, she shares with her patients on a regular basis that one of the reasons she is so successful is due to the staff she has supporting her. Second, She also recognizes that some days she can be “challenging” and acknowledges that fact with appreciation and admiration! Third, She invests her money back into the practice by constantly updating needed equipment and implementing new technology. Although I will always tease her…no dinosaur here!”

Anna says “Her intelligence!”

Dawn says “Dr. Becker treats her employees with respect and appreciations!”

Ann says “It’s a joy to work for someone who loves taking care of her employees. I’ve never worked for anyone who care so much for those they employ and their patients.”

Stephanie says “She listens to her staff and values our opinions. That is very rare in a boss!”

Bonita says “Because she is strong and always sees the best in her staff!”

Karen C. says “She truly cares for her employees and lets them know she does.”

Andrea says “Dr. Becker is very caring and always has a listening ear for her staff”

Karen S. says “Dr. Becker cares about her staff not only as employees but also as people”

Cheryl says “I love her contagious smile and laughter. When she is excited she lights up a room! She is also a very compassionate boss!!”

Louann says “I appreciate Dr. Becker for the fact that our nearly 25 year old office looks so nice and our equipment/technology is always kept up to date to serve our patients well”

Thanks for all you do, Dr. Becker!